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The Target of MT (2016) 720P HD

The Target of MT (2016) 720P HD

Target,of, mt Sep. 20, 2018 South Korea
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Directed by Geum Ma-seong (금마성)
72min | Release date in South Korea : 2016/12/13
What do we do at an MT?
Min-hee and Min-soo used to date. Dong-hyeon and Ah-yeong drink with them the night before they go for the MT. Min-soo puts Min-hee to bed in a motel and Ah-yeong who had the hots for Min-soo, seduces him. They promise to keep it a secret but Min-hee finds out what they have been doing. However, Ah-yeong is a provocative one and decides to seduce Min-soo at the pension where all four of them are together…

Original title 엠티의 목적 (em-ti-eui mok-jeok)

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