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THE INVITED MAN (2017) HD 720p 초대남

THE INVITED MAN (2017) HD 720p 초대남

Sep. 20, 2018
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: Min-ho wants passionate sex and his wife Eun-kyeong says sex is just a verification of love. Min-ho wants unique sex again tonight but Eun-kyeong only wants the usual sex in bed. One day, Eun-kyeong gets sex toys at work. She doesn’t like them at first but she can’t get over the great feeling from the massage shop and starts touching herself. Min-ho sees this and he gets horny. In the end, they have sex that they will never forget. Since then, Eun-kyeong opens up to sex and that’s when her husband’s handsome friend Sang-wook appears. Eun-kyeong feels electrocuted even with the slightest touch by him and Min-ho starts to realize there’s something going on…

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