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Mother’s Job (2017) HDRip

Mother’s Job (2017) HDRip

Jul. 20, 2018
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“I want to have a sister”
“My will is weak, do not tempt me”Hyun-woo (Cho, Wan-jin), who has returned from the military all over the country, begins a part-time job in a barbecue area and meets a woman named Yuseon (Ichidam), who captivates the hearts of customers with his skillful skill.
One day, Hyun-woo, who was wearing her alone, finds that her best friend Minseok (Domosse) and Yoo Seon are in a mother-to-child relationship and is in shock.
After complaining, Hyun woo confessed to the fact and asked Yoo Seon to keep the relationship with him secret.
Hyun-woo, who has not refused Minseok’s proposal to live together in his own home, begins to live in a breathtaking coexistence with the streamline.

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