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Heart Throbes (2010)

Heart Throbes (2010)

Jan. 19, 2019
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You were your friend ‘s sister … Natsuki, a company, is secretly dating a boss of a company. She is a perverted and playboy, and she often makes her angry. Knowing this secret is the College Tennis Division
Junior colleague, and best friend Mayu Kikuchi. My father often vacated my home on a business trip, living with my younger brother Hiro and she is now somehow younger brother
I feel the distance. In fact, her heart is hidden in the heart of her brother, Hiro, It was.
Then one day, Natsuki became familiar with the young and young Shun who met on the Internet. Ehwa and the manager chuckle,
Natsuki, who witnessed that he was Mayu, was shocked, and Shun and her lover

Original title Heart Throbs / 유우나의 부드러운 사랑 / ユウナのソフト愛Heart Throbs / 유우나의 부드러운 사랑 / ユウナのソフト愛

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